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    uPVC door with window - window now loose and air gap...

    There now is a gap on the outside of the door and the inside of the door betwen the uPVC frame and the window. Not sure how to tackle this and if it can be resolved easily. I would say the gap between the frame and the window on the outside is maybe 4mm in places and about 2mm on the inside.
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    Cost to replace 1970s bungalow steel window lintels

    Hi, We have a 1970s bungalow, the gable end seems to have an issue with the original steel window lintels having rusted. One window has a gap in the pointing of about 12mm where the bricks have raised all the way along. The other window has a door as well so a bigger span, gap in pointing at...
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    Failed/blown concrete lintels - replace or repair?

    Two inner concrete lintels(100x~250) supporting 1/2 of external 30s solid walls, one supports a 1.8m window opening in 1st floor (carrying 3 courses and roof) and the other a 2m window opening in ground floor (supporting 10 courses and then an exact size window opening in 1st floor), are blown...
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    Older double glazed sealed unit window replacement

    Hi, The lower middle sealed unit in the picture seems to need replacing - it has water runs inside it. I've done this before using a putty knife to pop the inside beads off then suction cup holder to lift out. This seems to be an older sealed unit and doesn't have any beads inside to pop...