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    Door Lining FD30 with with over 150mm. Struggling to source it. Help

    I have some brickwork partition which will have dot and dab plasterboard taking wall thickness to around 150mm. As I have loft conversion door need to be replaced with FD30 model. I can source tons of 132mm door lining but nothing over that width. Any chance where I can find it without...
  2. G

    Fire-rated Bifold door

    Hi everyone I'm aware I'm likely on a hiding to nothing, but I'm looking for an FD30 bifolding door. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? It needs to be a 4-panel style to match other doors. I'm not too bothered about the material/finish, as it will be painted anyway This is part of a...
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    Pair of Glazed fire doors

    Hi - I need some advice about installing a pair of glazed fire (fd30) doors - or French doors. I can't find many options sold as a pair online. Is it possible to fit 2 separate glazed fire doors as a pair with no centre stile? How would this be done to meet fire regs? Thanks in advance for...