felt roofs

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    Fixing a cowboy job roof gone wrong... and saving money!

    Hi Guys, new to the forum and DIY in general. Note, I have no DIY experience at all, except for assembling home furniture. I had a garden building built in 2018, and now the flat felt roof has already failed and caused a massive leak inside the building. Large puddles form on the roof, and...
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    Flat Felt Roof

    Hello all, I have a flat felt roof Garage, which is in the middle of a large block. There’s a substantial amount of water ponding on top in a bottom corner. (I cleared this today along with cleaning out the guttering) There’s no guttering at the rear where the ponding is, only at the front so...
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    Shed roof question

    I inherited a shed when I moved house, larger than I could afford to either buy or build and I'm keen to keep it standing. I just went in and discovered the ceiling is damp and I have a small, maybe 6" split in the felt where they guy who built it has pulled it tight on a 90deg angle at the...
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    Shed felt - one or two layers?

    Evening, I need to re-felt my shed. Is a good quality felt ok, or should I spend more time / money on a separate underlay and topsheet? Cheers.
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    New felt fitted - pooling?

    Hey hey, I had a new felt put on my flat roof extension. Ply + insulation underneath deemed to be in good condition so those remained. Noticed after it rained a bit of pooling in 2 spots. Raised it with roofer and was told that generally you'll have some surface water on a flat roof and it's...
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    Roof Felt

    Hi All, i was looking at my garage roof last week and noticed the felt has a lot of surface cracks on it. Is this something i need to rectify or indicative of its ages. I think its 10 years old but the roof dies not leak. cheers