fill valve

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    Help identify part please

    My boiler is Valliant turbomax plus 828 /2E I want to re-pressurise the system but the head on two flat head screws that I would turn has crumbled and I now need to replace. What please is the part (I believe it’s a filling valve)? Also are the easy to remove and replace? Any guides on how...
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    Toilet fill valve replacement

    I need to replace a bottom-entry fill valve but there are a few things I'm not sure about. Firstly... the existing (original) valve is a Roca one, and I'm having trouble identifying exactly which part it is because there seem to be at least a couple of different variants out there that look...
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    Doubling up fibre washer

    I'm trying to reconnect a bottom inlet toilet fill valve with a brass tail to a fixed water pipe. I have one of those 1/2" red fibre washers from screwfix but they look very thin - about 1mm thick. Is there any harm in sticking in 2 of these in before I tighten the connection?