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    do i need to keep my kitchen door?

    hi I've read alot of threads about kitchen doors. I'm planning to rent out my flat - do I need to keep my kitchen door here is my floor plan :
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    Loose glass in glazed fire door

    I bought this glazed FD30 fire door and the glass moves a bit and rattles . Is this normal?
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    Is 20mm adequate for a fire door lining?

    I just had a couple of fire door linings replaced as they were not deep enough after I overboarded the stud wall they are set in. The original linings were made with 30mm thick timber, and I only realised this evening that the new linings are made of 20mm thick timber. One of the doors was also...
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    Fire Doors

    We are moving to a new house - well a conversion but everything except the walls is new. Anyway, the doors were all fitted but now have to be replaced with fire doors. These look the same apparently (oak veneered) but are thicker overall. The reason is that in one of the bedrooms it will not be...
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    Knocking downstairs into Open Plan building reg issue

    Hi, I own a 3 storey end of terrace. It is a small footprint of a house. It is a downstairs with a kitchen a Sitting room (both equal sized) with hall running down the side of sitting room to the stairs. My plan was to knock out the wall between the kitchen and sitting room but also the hall...
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    Fireproof filler

    Hi, I could do with filling a space where a lock was in a fire door. Im planning to cut wood to fit, then using intumescent filler round it. the filler doesnt seem to harden much though, is there something better ? Ive noticed fireproof cement , or alternatively fire board. has anyone got any...
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    Fire-rated Bifold door

    Hi everyone I'm aware I'm likely on a hiding to nothing, but I'm looking for an FD30 bifolding door. Does anyone know if such a thing exists? It needs to be a 4-panel style to match other doors. I'm not too bothered about the material/finish, as it will be painted anyway This is part of a...