fire doors

  1. R

    Storing fire doors until fitting

    I have a couple of solid core 44mm fire doors that won’t be fitted for a few months. One is finished and the other has a narrow glazed panel and hasnt been finished. I did have them vertical leant against the wall for about a month, but I just read that can warp them. I don’t have room to lay...
  2. robodelfy

    Do I need fire doors on every room if I have a loft conversion?

    Hi I have a room in the roof loft conversion in a mid terraced house in Bristol. It's all been done to regs about 20 years ago. I am renovating now, and need to change all the internal doors. I have read that if I do this then I may need fire doors as the rules have changed. I'm a bit confused...
  3. J

    Erecting a large stud wall in an industrial unit

    Hi, hope you're all good. Some friends and I are looking to lease an industrial unit for various hobby purposes. The unit is adjacent to a large storage area which is in continuous use, however we need to create a corridor that passes along both units by building a wall to make our unit secure...
  4. R

    Butt hinges on shed - regular or parliament hinge given circumstances

    Hi all, I now have 4 walls in the shed (picture update attached!) and have made up a door for the opening. I was originally looking to put T-hinges on, but the ones I bought had a *lot* of play in the hinges, to the point where I was very dubious, and I've now acquired some stainless steel...
  5. Z

    Fire Door Location

    2 Storey house. 2 Beds on the first floor and 1 on the ground floor. Do all habitable rooms need to have fire doors, or just the door at the bottom of the stairwell/staircase? Have mains interlinked smoke alarms on hall of each floor and kitchen.
  6. C

    Loft conversion fire door requirements

    Loft conversion nearly finished. New stairs match existing and will have a mains wire smoke detector. There are three new rooms in the loft accessible via a small landing at the top of the new stairs. A study (could be used as a small bedroom), a double bedroom and a bathroom. We thought we...
  7. eveares

    Which Manual Call Point - Pick your choice.

    Saw this in a super market the other week and thought it was a bit odd, two "Fire Alarm" manual call points next to a double emergency exit door. Don't think there was a magnetic door lock, but can't be 100% sure. Maybe one of them is for something else or that one is not within the required...
  8. N

    Laminate floor meeting fire door to garage -threshold?

    Hi, I'm flooring my kitchen which has an internal fire door leading to our garage. Our builder has gone bust without finishing the fire door and floor so I'm not sure what to do about ending the flooring where the fire door closes. I could use the standard Quickstep edging which would leave a...
  9. K

    Fitting FD30 fire doors

    I have to fit 5 x FD30 fire doors (4 bedrooms and a kitchen). Fire officer has requested brush type intumescent seals. How does intumescent seal work regards going across hinges, if that's necessary. Two or three hinges. Can anyone advise method.
  10. A

    Pair of Glazed fire doors

    Hi - I need some advice about installing a pair of glazed fire (fd30) doors - or French doors. I can't find many options sold as a pair online. Is it possible to fit 2 separate glazed fire doors as a pair with no centre stile? How would this be done to meet fire regs? Thanks in advance for...