flat roof refurbishment

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    Flat Roof Cross Ventilation

    Hi, I am currently renewing a large cold roof which has rotted from the inside, no ventilation or vapour barrier with a GRP top. The roof is on a dormer where the roof joists joined directly onto to the ridge beam with no ventilation and no scope to convert to warm roof due to ridge height. The...
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    Repair asphalt roof/balcony

    Our flat roof balcony, about 9 metres x 6 metres above a ground floor shop, is asphalted with promenade tiles. There are some water leakage issues into the shop below. We are also keen to know that the support structure has not deteriorated in any way and is still sound for continued use of...
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    Insulating Flat Roof - Extension to Old Bungalow

    Trying to insulate roof in 1970s extension to an old bungalow. Wondered if anyone else has come across a similar challenge / what you did please? The extension is for a quite small kitchen and bathroom - very cold in winter. As a refurb project, I’m resigned to not being to be able to meet...