1. wilco88

    Is this a leak or condensation

    Hi, This is a small flat roof that joins to the house and main pitched roof. Some background info: It has never had any insulation between rafters and doesn't have insulation on top. Timber roof joists/rafters with timber furring. Then plywood and then torch on felt. We discovered the...
  2. SS-ProjectBuild

    Flat Roof Structure...what nails to use?

    Hi Guys, I will be attempting to frame my own 100sqm flat roof my self! Will be using 9x3 timber all round.... what type of nails and sizes do you suggest fo this size timber? I will also be creating a trimmer for part of the roof...what is the best way to bond the 2 timbers....nails or bolts...
  3. J

    Flat Roof Cross Ventilation

    Hi, I am currently renewing a large cold roof which has rotted from the inside, no ventilation or vapour barrier with a GRP top. The roof is on a dormer where the roof joists joined directly onto to the ridge beam with no ventilation and no scope to convert to warm roof due to ridge height. The...
  4. B

    Roof light on 18 degree roof pitch

    Hi all I'm fitting three roof lights into a new pitched roof. Lots of connections to other walls so going with a GRP roof covering. I aimed to put in a velux rooflight but the website doesn't show any installation details for a warm roof, and really I think all new roofs should be warm these...
  5. P

    Installing flatroof Skylight into pitched Roof

    Hello to all the builders/roofers/window fitters I need Unvented Rooflights/Windows. Would like them Non-openable since that seems to better U value and mine are around 6 meters up, so would never be able to open them anyways. America does some great, cheap windows . Since their Houses are...