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    Would a flue extension work on my boiler?

    When I had my boiler serviced I was told it failed as the flue outlet is too close to my conservatory. Is it easy enough to get a flue extension attached to the wall, and then out away from the guttering/roof? - gutter sticks out from wall about 20 cms. The outlet is about 40+ cms from the...
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    Gloworm flexicom 30cx cutting out briefly.

    Hi all, got the above boiler that was installed in the house back in 2009 before we moved in in 2017. The boiler works as it should, it heats up the hot water and the radiators fine and everything is balanced. however it has started to act rather strange with the heating on. The boiler will...
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    Flexicom 18hx manual start

    Hi, I have a flexicom 18hx glow worm with a nest thermostat connected. The nest panel has gone dead so I cannot switch on the heat at the moment. Can anyone explain to me how I can manually start it and override the nest setup. Google are sending me a replacement nest but won't have it for a few...
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    F9 fault code on Glow-worm Flexicom?

    Just received a call for a third time for a glow-worm flexicom going out on F9 fault code. First time I went to it I reset it and fired up no bother, second time I read up about faults related to it such as pressure sensor so I drained the boiler out of relief valve pressure readings okay on so...
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    Gloworm 24cx New PCB

    Hi, New PCB that i purchased comes up with F70 code (incompatible software). I have been made aware that i need to reset it, however Vaillant woudl only release info ofr GasSafe engineer. Anyone can help? The display has only 3 buttons, Mode, + and - Could not find any info in the manual...
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    Water in outer flue combi boiler

    Hi, I have a Glow-Worm Flexicom 30 cx installed in a ground floor flat. A couple of weeks ago it started reading error messages F4 and F13. The Glow-Worm man who came round opened it up to find some water inside the boiler and said that we had to call the installation man as it looked like an...