floating shelves

  1. J

    Re-enforcing floating shelves

    I would love to hear your advice on how to reinforce B&Q floating shelves. I’ve had the shelves for a number of years and although the plaster is not completely flat so they do not fit snugly I have had no problem with them. I want to put a pendulum clock with a glass dome on the shelf and so...
  2. StephenStephen

    Floating shelves full of books - good/bad idea, good/bad system?

    Hi all, I need to put up some bookshelves, and would ideally like to use floating shelves. I've not used a floating shelf system before. It's a new plasterboard wall, I've studs to fix into - It's the wall above the radiator, to the right of the door. Books are mainly paperbacks - penguin size...
  3. P

    fixing floating shelves to solid wall with metal anchor screws

    Hi everyone, I'm currently attempting to install a couple of Ikea 'LACK' floating shelves, but am having difficulty with the screw fixings (metal anchors) not sitting securely in the wall, and could do with a bit of advice. The shelves are intended to be fixed to the wall by securing a bracket...