flow and return

  1. B

    Poor flow

    Hi my really old large house used to be a real mess in terms of several old heating systems that were cobbled together and extensions to it. Not to mentions redundant pipework from Back boilers and a Rayburn/Aga style device in the kitchen. Now - I have the original gravity fed Potterton...
  2. A

    No flow to 1 radiator

    1 Radiator not working, checked some forum tips and Ive ended up replacing Radiator, TRV and Lock Shield, as they were all very old, this did not help. There is an isolator on feed and on return plus a drain valve in between. So I shut the Isolator on return and opened up the drain valve and...
  3. BillyWillySilly

    When does the return get hotter than flow?

    Just refilled my system and a few rads will not come on. I'm assuming I have an airlock somewhere but I just wanted to clarify something. On a cold radiator, I use a drain off valve or bleed key to take out a reasonable amount of water. I then find one of the pipes getting hot, however, it is...
  4. EllaGnu

    Flow and return layout for addition of UFH to existing system

    Hello all. Just in case one of you knowledgable people understands the intricacies of flow and return planning I'd like to ask for your advice. I've just ripped out most of the old ground floors in my house and laid underfloor heating. I've laid a new flow and return from the existing...