1. alarmbenjy

    Repeated False Alarms (Wired System)

    System log:- 205) SET PRGRAM 21:35:57 206) ENTRY START 13:11:46 Zone 1 207) ENTRY TIMEOUT 13:12:15 Zone 1 208) INTRUDER 13:12:51 Zone 1 209) INTRUDER 13:13:05 Zone 1 210) INTRUDER 13:13:07 Zone 1 211) INTRUDER 13:14:21 Zone 1 212) INTRUDER 13:14:27 Zone 1 213) INTRUDER 13:14:34 Zone 1 214)...
  2. J

    ADE G4 Accenta Engineer code has become invalid

    Hi I recently replaced 4 PIRs on my system for Pet Friendly ones. I put the system in to Engineer mode to prevent any tamper alarms. When I removed the first PIR (Zone 4), I accidentally touched some of the wires together which triggered the alarm. I stopped the alarm by entering User Code...
  3. F

    Correct Connections For Honeywell G4 and Elmdene Rapier G3S - SOLVED

    Hi, I wonder if I can call on you guys to help a newbie. I'm attempting to upgrade my alarm sounder since the xenon has now failed on my old unit. I am using the Optima Compact GEN4 and trying to connect a Elmdene Rapier G3S. I seem to have most of it working with the exception of the...