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    Internal pine 15 panel glazed door - sagged - fix or replace?

    I put 12kg of bevelled glass in it, a long time back, and it's sagged now, also the botton horizontal has a small split along the grain which probably didn't help much in keeping it square. I would rather buy another and just transfer the glass if anyone knows where I might get one, probably...
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    Online Suppliers - Double Glazed Units

    Hi all. I need to order up several replacement double glazed units for a new house and wondered if anyone can suggest any good online suppliers or ones to avoid? I'll try and find some local manufacturers to quote too, but am interested to see how the online suppliers compare/...
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    Pair of Glazed fire doors

    Hi - I need some advice about installing a pair of glazed fire (fd30) doors - or French doors. I can't find many options sold as a pair online. Is it possible to fit 2 separate glazed fire doors as a pair with no centre stile? How would this be done to meet fire regs? Thanks in advance for...