grant combi vortex 26

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    Grant Vortex Pro - Pressure Relief Valve dripping

    Hi, I've got a Grant Vortex Pro combi installed in 2017. I've just noticed that the out let pipe from the PRV is dripping. I've had a plastic bag over it to see how much it is dripping and I would say its a couple of teaspoons over the past 5 hours. Central heating hasn't been on since...
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    Grant Combi Boiler to Hive (No Hot Water)

    Hi, I had a new Grant Vortex Combi 26 boiler installed 1 year ago. I also bought a Hive thermostat and wired it in myself. Having never owned a combi boiler before I thought all was well. Central heating came on when I wanted and I had hot water. Then I realised that although I could get hot...
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    Grant Vortex Pro Combi 26 - Gurgling Air noise on Direct Hot Water side.

    Hi All, I have a Grant Vortex Pro Combi 26 which is generally performing well but has a strange problem with a gurgling/fizzing/knocking noise when the Direct Hot Water pump is circulating. The central heating side is all nice and quiet. At first I thought the hot water was being over-heated...
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    Grant Vortex Combi 26 no Central Heating

    Evening all, my external oil Grant vortex combi 26 boiler (from 2010) is giving no central heating, hot water ok, flow switch LED goes on/off with hot water, water pressure ok, about 1.5bar, Central Heat Pump and demand LED shows when thermostat turns on so looks like it's getting thermostat...