1. J

    Plasterboard brand. Gyproc, Knauf British Gypsum, Siniat. What the best?

    As the lockdown is slowing everything down and no delivery at moment. I was wondering what would be the best plasterboard brand to use. Moast DIY sell Knauf or Gyproc? Are those any good? As I live near a train line I was wondering to use soundblock for ceiling as well. Is it worth the extra...
  2. G

    Repairing Plasterboard in Bathroom

    Hi there, I'll start with an apology - I'm sorry - you must be sick of this sort of question but I promise I have tried to find the answer online for hours! I've just removed the tiles from my bathroom and it's made a right mess of the plasterboard (down to the paper etc). For most of it, we...
  3. cwhaley

    Thistle Hardwall

    I've just about finished the building work before putting in another log burner. Where I had to remove plaster around the opening on the chimney breast face, I've used Hardwall leaving 2-3mm for the final top coat of multi finish (see pic). I'm worried however, that the multi finish will crack...
  4. D

    Coving on emulsion coated walls falling off-

    How's it going lads, I got a plasterer in as a nixer to skim the entire house but got gcoving up as an after thought after a couple of coats of emulsion went up as undercoat. When eventually I got the painting going we took the supporting pins out from around the coving and a length fell down...