hardwood floor

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    10mm or 14mm hard wood flooring

    I have the option to buy a herringbone wood floor I have seen in two thickness options 10mm or 14mm (about £150 more). Which would be better? Most likely I will be doing a floating fit, tongue and groove, as it has 2 underlays (duralay and sound proof vinyl).
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    Bowed used engineered wooden flooring - how to install?

    I got some really nice oak engineered wooden floorboards for one of the rooms in my new place, and then noticed they are bowed (or whatever it's called: when lying flat, the centre of the plank is higher than the ends) The floor underneath is concrete. I tried to install a few planks, weighing...
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    Damp smelling hardwood floor

    Hi everyone So, we moved into a 1930’s house last year. The living room was carpeted and when taking up the carpet we found an old hardwood floor which is installed directly on top of the concrete slab. I’ve lifted a few of the boards and the slab seems to be covered in bitumen Since lifting...
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    tile over hard wood floor

    hello folks, im trying to decide what the best way is to tile over hard wood floor, one option i have got is to lay a layer of bitumen over the hard wood as a water proofing membrane (to vaoid the tiles from cracking over time due to flexibility and humidity of the wood) and then adding adhesive...