hinge adjustment

  1. silverfox2019

    Are these hinges on my aluminium doors adjustable?

    The bottom of my 22 year old double glazed aluminium rear door catches the metal frame when it closes. And my UPVC front porch door, which has the same type of hinges, needs realigning. What are these type of hinges called. If they are adjustable, how is that done. Any tips would be appreciated.
  2. A

    UPVC door difficult to lock. Possibly dropped?

    Hi, I'm having increasing difficulty getting my upvc door handle to lock into position so that I can lock it. I think it may have dropped and possibly needs a hinge adjustment. As you can hopefully see in the picture below the gap at the top isn't even. Image by aerozeppel posted 3 Feb 2022 at...
  3. S

    Identify these parts

    Seeking the community's help in identifying the make and specific model no's - of the parts in the pics. Hoping for a) Manufacturer b) specific model number. My Aim: To simply take off the old ones (hinges), and swap them out with fresh clones. Hoping someone can help.
  4. S

    Composite door with bolt sticking out of hinge

    Hi I've got a composite door that has 4 hinges. I've noticed that the top hinge has a bolt sticking out the top of it, which I'm pretty sure didn't used to be there, so I'm thinking its worked itself loose over time. It is pushed the plastic cover up and is sticking out the top of the hinge by...
  5. L

    Hinge adjustment

    This door isn't closing properly so the lock isn't engaging properly and catching on the seals. How does one adjust it and which directions can it be adjusted in? I have attached photos from front top bottom and back
  6. R

    Internal door corner ajar...

    Hi, Took some doors off to paint recently, and also fitting some new hinges. I've hung the door but the top corner is sticking out slightly and not sitting flush with the door. Here are a few pictures. Top Hinge: Bottom hinge: Other side of door: It's not totally clear from these...
  7. L

    Everest Door Hinge Protruding

    Afternoon all, I'm sure this will be a quick fix but I have not been able to find anything on the internet to help me. The Everest door hinge is sticking up and there appears to be no opportunity to use an allen key (which seems the tool that everyone else on the internet is using). Any...
  8. B

    Best way to adjust butt hinge uPCV door

    My front door has ended up with a small gap at the bottom opposite the hinge side. It appears to be a butt-style hinge from Googling a bit. It looks like the bottom hinge has drifted out of alignment of the middle and top hinges creating this gap. I've mucked about but really have no idea what...
  9. M

    How should I fix this sagging internal wooden door?

    Hi all, I have a wooden door that is sagging badly and the catch is no longer landing in the hole. I have tried to tighten the screws but it has not made any difference. I am a bit confused about what my next step is to try and get things aligned. As you can see below, the alignment is quite...
  10. P

    Problems aligning door

    We have adjusted the door, but there is a small gap on the top left, how do you alter hinges to pull it tighter to the frame if possible?
  11. M

    Composite door hinge adjustment - Masterdor

    Hello all Wondering if you bright sparks can help please. I have a plywood outward opening composite door ... it has 4 hinges (2 towards the top of door) hinges 2 and 4 from the top have an Allen key nut on the third knuckle of the hinge, does anyone know if these are for adjusting? Door...