1. M

    Structural support for disabled ceiling hoist

    Hi, I am in the process of planning the fitting of a ceiling mounted disabled lifting hoist and the room it is going in has a ceiling constructed of only 3 x 2 timbers on the rear addition of a Victorian house with a pitched red concrete tiled roof above. I need to create some additional support...
  2. eveares

    Zapped by 14.5μF capacitor charged to 240V RMS!

    Long story short, the other day I unwired the controller from a small mains hoist as it was being temperamental. I had already ruled out the the limit switches on the hoist it's self. Today I went to look at the controller and thus ran some basic continuity tests on the controller and the short...
  3. L

    Lifting gear for wheelchair user

    I have MS and use a wheelchair full-time. I am looking for something to help me lift objects that are not very heavy, the frame of my lightweight wheelchair, which is under 10kg, and the front end of a trike, I don't know the weight of it, but it has an electric battery and motor so is heavier...