ideal classic

  1. M

    Ideal Classic FF250 only running for 60-90 seconds following new HW cylinder installation

    Hi all, Here is my setup.... Ideal Classic FF250 Brand new Gledhill 250L unvented cylinder and associated pump, zone valves etc (installed 2 weeks ago) Nest Gen 3 Thermostat (installed 2 weeks ago) All radiators have been bled As mentioned above I had a new HW cylinder and Nest programmer...
  2. Kesterlester

    Bubbles appearing regular as clockwork but only after boiler turns gas off ... why?

    We have an open vented S-plan system with an old (but ultimately quite reliable) Ideal Classic NF50 gas boiler. This is one of those older systems where a small controller is in charge of the two zone valves, the pump and the power to the boiler. When one (or both) valves are open and the pump...
  3. R

    Ideal classic ff250 overheating after switching off.

    Hi all I have an ideal classic ff250 which has been intermittently switching off by way of overheat stat popping out over the last 6 months or so. I've now come to realise it seems to only happens after the boiler has turned off (due to reaching correct temperature on room thermostat or water...
  4. D

    Problem with Ideal W2000 RS40 Boiler

    I have an old boiler which had been working fine. But Over past few days I’ve noticed the radiators are not heating up, the boiler will switch off after 5-10 mins. I am getting a blue flame in the boiler. I am getting hot water in the hot water tank, in fact it’s very hot. Just wondering if...
  5. S

    Ideal classic pressure gauge

    Hello my heating isn’t working having spent many hours searching online I think I may have a problem with the pressure. I know it should be between 1 & 1.5 but I can’t see the gauge. I’ve read my manual but I can’t see one can’t anyone help I have an ideal classic slimline
  6. Joco

    Ideal Classic Boiler Cutting In & Out

    Hi guys, Recently moved into a new house and noticed that the boiler is turning off and on quite frequently. Boiler is an Ideal Classic FF260 and is pushing 20 years old. It seems to be fine for the first 10-15 minutes, then it will cut out for 90 seconds, turn back on for 90 seconds and cut...