ideal isar he30

  1. S

    Isar HE 30 - O-ring for expansion vessel connection on pump

    Yes, we know it's an old boiler, yes we know it's overdue for replacement, but other than this one leak it's actually working fine. And no, I'm not touching anything gas related, this is a simple water leak issue. One of our lasses has an Isar 30, and a while ago it started leaking which was...
  2. Daniel79

    ideal isar he30 problem

    hi,hope someone can help me, as per title i have an ideal isar he30 boiler and i got the fault code L F i looked on different site and saw it said to reset the boiler,as the boiler doesnt have a reset button or a manual with it,it took abit of button pressing to work out u hold prog and select...
  3. I

    What fresh hell is this? It’s not even a code?! Ideal Isar He30

    Hi, I’m having a real issue with our boiler. We have an old, obviously dying* Ideal Isar HE30 and as far as I understand it the diverter valve has gone and the central heating is cutting out as if at optimum temperature (with flashing indicator) less than three minutes after being turned on. We...