ideal logic+

  1. F

    TRV radiators not controlled by heating timer

    We have just moved into a new house (not new build just new to us) and the heating system seems a mess, or we just are not using it correctly. There is an Ideal Logic+ boiler providing central heating and hot water via a tank. All the downstairs radiators apart from the hall have TRVs on and...
  2. P

    Ideal Logic+ Heat 30 Cycling on and off

    Hi, I have an Ideal Logic+ Heat 30 which does three annoying things. 1. It occasionally makes one hell of a noise which can be heard throughout the whole house and which suggests that the boiler wants to jump off the wall. Sometimes this is a one-off, other times it's repetitive. A part (gas...
  3. PhilT246

    Nest 3rd Gen & Ideal Logic+ System 30

    First post for me and chose to ask here as you seem to be a helpful bunch of people with queries like mine. Here's the state of play... 1. CH and HW was controlled with a timer. S Plan with HW tank. 2. I installed the Nest based on several days of research, tracing wiring and input from...
  4. R

    Ideal Logic+ Boiler- Pump Overrun

    Hi, My ideal Logic+ boiler keeps displaying pump overrun while it is meant to be heating. I've read in other places this is a normal function when the heating has been on and has just stopped. However, for me it keeps appearing during the time the boiler is meant to be on. The radiators...