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    Help identify this window bead please

    I need to find a length of this window bead. Ive been to my local window place who says its obsolete. ITs external beading and has like a concave dip in it as per picture. Can anyone tell me the name of it or where i can purchase a length please. Im pulling my hair out here.. lol thanks again
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    Help! Can anybody identity my shower?

    Hi all. I need to replace my shower fitting shown in the images here. But cannot find a manufacturer or model anywhere! Can anyone help identify it?
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    Can somebody ID this screw/bolt fixing for me please

    Hi, I'm not good with DIY, I'm putting together a second hand bed frame that i bought my daughter but it has ones of these screw/bolts missing. I don't know what it's called or what to search for but i need to buy a new one. Could somebody help me name it please so i can search for it (see...