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    Plywood over floorboards before Karndean/Amtico

    Hello All, I am in the process of renovating the bathroom and there is currently a 12mm OSB board laid over the original floor boards. We intend to have a Karndean/Amtico floor laid so I will be removing said OSB and replacing with 12mm plywood, which I take is common to both floor types...
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    Prepping floor help

    Hi Guys We've just completed an extension and are now looking at our flooring options. We're considering either Karndean flooring or an engineered wooden floor. My question is how should be prep the current floor (see pics attached) as there is a slight different between the height of the...
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    Laying Karndean on ply subfloor in bathroom

    I am having a small bathroom redone and want to lay Karndean da Vinci wood effect planks in the bathroom but am struggling to get sensible answers to some questions as follows - 1. The current subfloor is damaged chipboard. This will be replaced with 25mm WBP ply as part of the refit. The area...