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    Pass thru wall plate? for washing machine cable

    I'm arranging a washing machine cable to exit a bathroom, thru an interior brick wall, to a FCU on the far side. Outside zone 2. Is there a 'pass tru' wall plate available for the bathroom side, maybe with a single gang back box, to tidy it up. Rather than just having the washing machine cable...
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    Padstone for Bifold Steel beam?

    Hi I have a single storey extension going in with a 4m long bifold to the garden, it is likely that due to this span we would be installing this steel with welded plate as you’ve shown in your detail drawing. My question is: Where this steel is supported at either side of the bifold, will the...
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    Front door removed: what type of blocks do I use to tie in.

    48" front door removed, that wall is now internal. The outer leaf was conc. and the inner leaf is breeze. As I need a conventional internal door there now, does it make much difference if I narrow the doorway using Celcons, or should I stick to conc. Thanks, Dain
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    4m horizontal crack in outer leaf (conc.block)

    I was thinking of just digging out and repointing that top cracked mortar course, in 1m stitch lengths so that it's supported throughout the repair. It's about 4m long. I could put in a few vertical helibars along this upper vertical crack to restrain any future movement, what do you think? Or...