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    Building a new attached elevated deck

    Hi all, We had an extension built a couple of months ago, it’s a modular steel frame extension. I want to build an elevated attached deck(to avoid having to dig holes right next to the foundations), 4.8m wide by 2.8m long. My question is what can I use to attach the ledger on the steel frame...
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    Advice on floor structure

    Hi, I am new to this forum and would be grateful for some advice. I am undertaking a full restoration of an 18th C stone cottage and would like advice on strengthening an area of existing floor. The floor is First Floor covering 25m2 with hallway below and landing/bedroom above. Due to...
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    Joists sitting on top of ledgerboard/wallplate (pics)

    After we had a leak from out flat roof I took down the plasterboard only to find that the joists are resting on a ledgerboard/wall plate instead of either resting inside the bricks or on the ledgerboard with joist hangers. I don't know why the previous builders did this when they could have...
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    Decking - ledger board position and fixing problem

    We're just completing a new build extension and planning to build a deck out from it, ie 2.5m out by 5.0m across approx. Deck boards 5.0m to run perpendicular to building so joists 2.5m going out from building. There is a patio doors pvc sill below which there is a gap then the concrete sill -...