levelling floor

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    Plywood Overlay on Cement

    Hi I'm about to start laying 6mm ply over existing floorboards, fixing with 20mm screws. As its in 1 half ofa new extension there's smallish areas where cement or concrete has been used to level where the old external wall used to be. I dont think it's screed as the new built floor is still due...
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    Movement in floor insulation boards

    I have put down 100mm PIR boards ontop of a new concrete slab, some areas are fine but in others the boards have a lot of movement. Is it better to use sand underneath to level out or is it possible to fix in place with screws/washers? Over top will be a vapour control layer, underfloor heating...
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    Self levelling compound question

    Hello all. I am planning to lay engineered floor in our bedroom but I need to prepare the existing sub-floor first. This is an old victorian house and existing floor is made of old pine floor-boards, which seem in good shape from a structural pov but does need flattening/leveling in places. My...
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    Log Cabin Floor levelling

    I can’t decide which flooring option is best for a 5m x 3m log cabin I have built. The cabin is laid on a 15cm thick concrete pad but the pad has a deviation of 10mm in places. There’s a bit of a hump in the middle as it chucked it down with rain as it was being poured and I didn’t get it...
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    Urgent advice required: how to find floor level

    Hi all, I’m using stopgap 1200 pro to level an approx 10sqm kitchen floor, but where do I start the pour? I’m expecting the smoothing layer to be up to 10mm deep in some areas, but can’t be sure because I don’t know where the lowest part of the floor is as it’s quite undulating. There is a rise...