loft floor

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    How much weight can my loft bear?

    Hi All, I would like do to a semi-conversion of my loft to use it as an office space/man cave (tv, desk, etc.) and to store some boxes, and as any house owner does sooner or later, I worry that the ceiling will sooner or later come down for the weight (or worst, I will come down with the...
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    Advice on loft flooring

    Hi I'm looking into flooring my loft and looking for a bit of advice on how people with a bit more knowledge think I should go with it. I did some measurements and drew up a plan of what's there already. It's an old style house, built around 1969. The dark grey part is the hatch. The...
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    Loft Floor

    Hi I have recently added suspended 6x2 joists to the centre of my loft space, I plan to lay a T&G chipboard floor on top, I have stapled wire mesh over the old 3x1 joists to hold inulation above old ceilings, can i fill the full six inches wth glassfibre insulation and the lay the boards...