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    New aerial type?

    I lost the signal from my 30yr old aerial, it was pointed straight at a booster station a few km off. I turned the tv on to see what gives whilst I tinker with the aerial; when I disconnected the coax from the aerial the visual/audio returned? But the signal vanished when I reconnected to the...
  2. M

    Intellisense c02-203

    Can someone please help me with some useful information. I literally have a headache trying to solve this problem! I have brought a apartment and moved in today. There is a alarm control panel on the wall intellisense c02-203! I have no contact information for the previous owners. Can someone...
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    My loft joists are horribly uneven.. what to do when converting?

    I installed a loft hatch today, and in the process found that the joists on either side are at different heights, an entire inch apart! I'm looking to board out the loft in the new year, with 2x4's across the existing joists and insulate and all that good stuff, but now I've to work out how to...