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    What lubricant do I need to drill porcelain slabs?

    Hi all, I've got 600x600x20mm porcelain slabs in my garden. I need to drill 3 x 12mm holes in some of them to fix a balustrade to. I bought an Erbauer Diamond Tile Drill Bit (12mm) from Screwfix and I've just done a test cut - which went really well (see photo). I'm using a piece of wood to...
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    Cooker hood motor restoration

    Hi all, I have been cleaning up a cooker hood, similar to the restoration of the motor in this video. At 06:45 he seems to put some sort of lubricant on the spindle of the motor. What do you think that is, and do you know any suitable products? (Also, am I right that the tool used at 8:40 is...
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    WD40 terror and zone valve

    Hi all, Drayton ZA5 valve seized the other day during this Corona lock down. Took off the actuator head and sprayed the tap itself with silicon lubricant, but no luck, still too hard to move with pliers. Only thing that freed it was WD40. I am now terrified the WD40 is gonna eat the seals...
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    BIASI Combi Boiler - sounds like an aeroplane!

    I have a (6 year old?) BAISI Riva Advance HE. It has started making a loud noise / vibration (similar to an aircraft engine). Noise was only happening when large heating demand made ie at CH switch on from cold or when large DHW demand (e.g. Hot bath tap opened). After a few minutes it would...