lvt flooring

  1. Phoeni1266

    Advice on screeds needed

    I'm about to start leveling an uneven floor in prep for stick down LVT. Floor is a mix of wooden floorboards in one room, a concrete strip between that room and the kitchen (we knocked out a wall) and a screed on top of plastic tiles on top of floorboards in the kitchen. We've had the tiles...
  2. E

    Self Levelling Compound ok to lay?

    Hi, I laid Mapei self levelling compound in my kitchen and hall Wednesday morning but it still seems like areas are still damp/ not fully dry. They are hard to touch and feel the same as the other areas but are of a darker colour. They also don’t seem to be improving with a fan/heat. Reckon...
  3. E

    LVT Click Underlay Suggestions

    Hi, I’m laying Click LVT to my kitchen and downstairs hallway - about 15m2 in total. I have an old concrete floor to lay on but where it’s been latexes over the years, there is some slight undulation peaks/troughs. I’m also over laying some old asbestos floor tiles in the hall. Is there a...
  4. kminbuildinghell

    Floor disaster

    Wondering if anyone could shine some light om my flooring? Ive got amtico spacia, ontop of an electrical ufh system which has been set into a screed. Its been done by a professional but after 2 weeks the floor started bubbling, and the mat that the cables sit in has buckled in several areas of...
  5. J

    LVT Flooring

    Hello, I'm looking at getting LVT across my entire ground floor - hall, kitchen, diner and lounge. I have had recommendations from local shops for LG Hausys Harmony and Moduleo Select and Transform ranges. Any experiences or recommendations with these? Quality, durability etc? LV is slightly...