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    Silk paint over matt - help!

    I've just finished putting one coat of matt emulsion onto our bathroom walls before realising a more durable, wipeable finish would be better (duh, decorating newbie!) What I'm wondering is, as the same paint is also available in silk emulsion, can I just pop a coat of the silk on top of the...
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    I used vinyl matt as an undercoat on fresh plaster, how do I fix it?

    I watered down vinyl matt paint and used it as an undercoat on top of fresh plaster thinking it was matt emulsion. I have not done a second coat yet and would like to know if I should continue or fix it and if I should fix it, how? If it is of any helps the colour that I would like to finish...
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    Which Durable Paint - Armstead Durable Matt vs Dulux Diamond Matt

    I used Dulux Diamond Matt in my first rental property. Its worked out well. Tenants are just moving out after a year, and we were able to just clean all the dirt and scuff off the walls with very little effort. Dont think we will need to repaint for many years. I had put Dulux Endurance in...