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    UPVC French Door Frame Material Inconsistency

    Hi. Can anyone advise as to what is going on in this picture?! I am having a garage conversion done and the white UPVC French Doors have a metal (aluminium?) bottom rail/frame which doesn’t match the rest of the installation. Before I get fobbed off by the manufacturer and/or builder, I am...
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    Pyronix Enforcer V10 kit 5

    Please help...we are trying to install and set up the enforcer v10. We have a bungalow with one entrance/exit door which we are trying to add the sensor to. We also have the external bell which needs to be connected/learned. Then we have 4 vibration window sensors. We have only attached the door...
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    Can anyone help me work out what is happening here?

    Pics for reference https://www.diynot.com/diy/media/albums/paint-mismatch-any-ideas.26510/ Apprantly the builders used dulux trade supermatt, to which i have tried to use retail, dulux matt paint, colour wise they match perfectly, although my new matt paint is very rough in comparison, hence...