1. FozzieBear

    Monsoon 3.0 Bar Twin Pump keeps running when no water demand

    I have a bungalow with vented hot water system. I have just had a new kitchen and wet-room installed and performance at modern taps was appalling so have fitted a monsoon twin impeller pump to provide whole house boosted water. This works fine and has drastically improved flow at taps etc...
  2. Y

    Stuart Turner Monsoon shower pump intermittent cut out fault - fixed

    Had an interesting fault on my Stuart Turner 2 bar Monsoon pump that I thought I'd share as it only seems possible to buy third party control boards for this type of pump - and even they cost upwards of £20. The pump would intermittently cut out after it had been on a number of minutes. Turning...
  3. M

    Crosswater Thermostatic shower -only able to get tepid water

    hi, I have a recently installed Crosswater MikePro 1500C Thermostatic shower running off of a Monsoon 3Bar standard booster twin pump. The Crosswater shower was running ok for a couple of months however has recently started to run tepid even if the temp setting is set to the maximum. If I...
  4. J

    Stuart Turner Shower Pump Spare Parts

    Individual spare parts are no longer available directly from Stuart Turner who only sell complete service kits I bought a 7uf starter capacitor for a Showermate 1.4 (installed 2007) from for £15. aquaflowproducts sell a complete range of spare parts for Stuart Turner...