moving bathroom

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    Moving downstairs toilet advice (Is this feasible or not practical at all)

    Hello, I'm looking to make my downstairs area open plan but don't want to sacrifice the downstairs toilet if possible. I want to move the toilet to be under the stairs, which is about 4m away from the current soil pipe (Soil pipe from bathroom above current location, house is end of Terrence...
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    Semi-detached house conversion: Moving the Staircase

    Hi Everyone, RE: I need advice on where to move the staircase? [I have added the floor plans] If this is your trade could you tell me how much it would cost? and what would it entail? or If it can be done myself, how to go about moving it. Do I need an architect? or just a carpenter? Thank...
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    Hello - moving bathroom upstairs/extending kitchen and installing downstairs toilet

    Hi everyone, We live in an old farmhouse which has a (20 year old roughly) extension which incorporates a small galley kitchen beside the main bathroom (around same size as kitchen) and above those is a quite large bedroom and a toilet. What we are hoping to do is to knock through from the...