no pressure increase

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    Boiler Pressure Repressurising Worcester Greenstar 30i ERP

    Hi, Really hoping someone can help as I am clueless. I have bought a house which is using Worcester Greenstar 30i ERP according to the sticker in the boiler. The heating was working before but the pressure gauge is now right at the bottom and heating not working. Assume it could be due to the...
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    Baxi Avanta not showing pressure

    Hi all, My boiler was flashing with an E9 error this morning as is reading 0 bar pressure; but when i topped up using the filling loop the needle didn't move. Could hear water going in, then can hear not much more really able to go in, so have let a bit out of the boiler so not too high (and...
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    Alpha cd28c pressure not increasing when heating is on

    Pump runs, hot water going into central heating pipe, first 3 rads getting hot water but last 3 rads warm at the inlet but rads cold. Hot water is working ok. when the heating is on pump is running but only about an eighth of a bar increase in pressure. I'm thinking that there is not enough...