1. S

    Hive Active Heating on Worcester 28 SI

    HI Does anyone have any idea how easy (or hard) it would be to install Hive on a Worcester 28 SI? I don't have any kind of wireless thermostat at the moment, just the digital timer on the boiler itself. Just trying to gauge if I should just shell out for the paid install or not. I've had a...
  2. J

    Advice required for filling in a large hole around electrical wiring

    Please can some one help! A while back I had a cooker hood put in by a electrician. This is how my wall was left behind my hob. He said the wall could be tiled over. Since then another electrician has looked at it. (related to a different job.) He said as a blank switch had been attached to the...
  3. Auric

    Advise on rescuing my front garden, please!

    Hi all I'm looking for some advice on how to deal with my front garden. When we moved in four years ago there was a massive bush and the whole garden was covered in decorative stones (see image). I've chopped the bush down and what I really need is some help in dealing with the decorative...
  4. Auric

    Patio and brick plater with a bench kicker: tips and advice please

    Hi all Thinking of ripping up our rotting decking and creating a more contemporary garden. I want to lack a patio down at the end and start of our garden and around the edges build brick planters with bench space as in the photo. I'm good with diy but not attempted a garden project like this...