1. Potato_head

    Miele Novotronic T 7634 not heating

    Hi. This stopped working today and I'm after some advice. Checked the thermostat and have continuity. Checked the NTC and the resistance decreases when the probe gets warm. Pulled the plug for the heater from the PCB on the front of the machine and have no resistance on one of the...
  2. A

    Miele Novotronic Premier Plus not working

    Hi all, Our Miele washing machine stopped working a few weeks ago - no lights came on. A quick search suggested the door lock switch. This was changed and the machine worked again for 4 washes. On its last wash it stopped part way though. It has the same symptoms as before - Power to the on/off...
  3. N

    Miele w842 Washing Machine

    Whenever I start a program on Miele w842, within a few seconds the "pre-wash" light starts flashing and the program does not advance. There are washing -machine like noises coming from various parts of the machine but no water makes it into the drum and there is no spinning. There is some...