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    Sanding/finishing a narrow wooden floor

    A part of my summerhouse is to be used as a shed so is very narrow (1.5m x 2.5m) the floor is oak plank laid across the width ( to match the summerhouse) I have stripped it bare by using the floor sander across the grain and used the floor sander( across the grain) to get to 80grit. I then used...
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    finishing Oak planks

    Apologies for the dual post ( I started in flooring but realised this may be better- mods please delete if required) Hi (again) All Continuing the ongoing summerhouse saga, we are now into the final stages. The oak plank flooring is fitted, and next week I will be sanding them down ready for...
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    fitting a solid oak floor in Home office

    Hi all further to my previous post https://www.diynot.com/diy/threads/tongue-and-groove-solid-oak-flooring-in-summerhouse.616719/#post-5573124 I now find myself in planning to fit solid oak planks approx 120mm wide 18mm thick. Due to the glue in the T&G the only viable way was to cut off the...
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    Tongue and groove solid oak flooring in summerhouse.

    Hi All I have managed to buy some second hand oak tongue and groove flooring for my summerhouse. It has previously been glued and taken apart so there is a bit of damage on some of the tongues and grooves. As said it it in the summerhouse (3m x2.5m) so it doesnt have to be perfect. It will be...
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    Repair Brushed and Oiled Wood floor

    Hi I've got an engineered wood oak floor, brushed and oiled finish. There are various marks where coffee / red wine / god knows what has been spilled on it and not cleaned up quickly enough. If I rub and rub at these marks they pretty much come off but it leaves a patch that is lighter than the...