oil based

  1. A

    Oil based undercoat and oil based egg shell for woodwork

    Hi, I have painted one coat of oil based undercoat on skiritings and architraves and was going to paint two coats off oil based egg shell. Is it ok to use oil based egg shell over oil based undercoat? thanks Ant
  2. A

    Sealant adhesive to bond oil based painted timber

    Hi, I need to bond and seal a piece of timber which is already over painted with a sikkens oils based paint to some bricks. Whats a decent sealant adhesive that will work on oil based paints? Is stixall any good and will it adhere to timber that has an oil based paint? Any advice and...
  3. robodelfy

    Painting woodwork, water based over oil?

    Hi I want to paint all the woodwork in my 3 bedroom victorian terraced house. I have no idea if the current woodwork is oil or water based, is there an easy way to find out? I've used oil in the past at other places as it was all I knew. But it discolours so much, I was hoping to switch to...
  4. M

    What type of brush/roller for oil based paint application?

    Hi there, I'm looking to paint my wood kitchen cabinets with Little Greene's Flat Oil Eggshell (Interior) paint. What type of brush/roller would you suggest for the smoothest finish using an oil based paint? I've been told to use a natural bristle brush for oil based paints and that Hamilton...
  5. M

    Old Chestnut: Best Way to Apply Water Based Paint Over Oil Based?

    Yes, it's a well-discussed topic but after reading forums, articles and watching vids all over the place, I still can't find a satisfactory answer to this... Front door was painted with oil paint long ago, now there's almost no sheen left on it, it's quite chipped, a little cracked... I want to...