1. A

    batten and overboard a ceiling for skim

    Hi, I have a uneven ceiling that i plan on battening with 50x25mm roofing battens and then screw 9.5mm plasterboard reading for skimming. Can someone tell me if I need to batten along the length of each joist and pack out or is it better to fasten the battens perpendicular the joists and pack...
  2. T

    Overboarding lath and plaster ceiling + install new downlights

    Hi all, I live in a Victorian semi with original lath and plaster ceilings. They are a bit discoloured and cracked, but nothing major and still flat. They look tired though and I'm planning to overboard, skim and re-paint them. I've considered pulling them down but the house is fully furnished...
  3. O

    How to join taper edge but joints on ceiling?

    Hi, Probably a pretty basic question I’m over thinking but,... better to know. I’ve used taper edge plaster board on wall before, but never on ceilings, and need to overboard a ceiling soon. How do you deal with joining the non tapered edges of the boards? Eg the short edges? Or is it...
  4. StephenStephen

    Thickness of plasterboard for overboarding ceiling?

    Hi there, I've a couple of bedroom ceilings (with loft above) which are some kind of woodfibre boards. They're reasonably flat, but a bit shabby, and not fireproof. Joists are 400mm centres We're planning to overboard with plasterboard, and then have them skimmed - am I right is saying we...