paint defect

  1. J

    Unusual pattern when plaster drying - causes issues when mist coating

    Hi, We recently had our 1930s house replastered throughout and noticed some patches appearing through the mist coat. It’s been 5 weeks since the plastering was complete and appears to be totally dry. When painting the issues seem to be where the plaster has some patterning as the attached...
  2. finlamit

    Tidy up corners of walls and ceiling

    Hi all. I have recently purchased a house, and it is becoming quite evident that the previous owner DIY skills were lacking. See attached photos. Whats the best way to tidy up these corners. Im going to paint a different colour, but it looks like he has slapped the paint without a care in the...
  3. Mnt23

    Paint on walls looks like it has stretch marks?

    Hi all, We had our house painted a few months ago. In one of the rooms there are now strange marks at the edges of the walls - it looks like they're stretch marks! I was wondering if anyone knows what this is?
  4. W

    Dulux Satinwood trade (oil based) not hardened properly after several months

    I painted stairs in a combination of White and a dark grey tinted colour - ‘Noble Grey’ both in oil based Dulux trade satinwood. The white was just an off the shelf tin, they grey was a made to order tint. Both bought at the same time and used less that a week later in March this year. 2-3 coats...
  5. M

    Problem whilst painting window, gloss damaged removing tape

    Hi everyone I’m not painting expert, as you can probably tell, I had a new window fitted replastered and new window board, I did the painting first I did the walls and then painted window board with primer and gloss when I removed the masking tape the gloss started to tear and leave a poor...
  6. M

    Bathroom paint keeps cracking and won't adhere next to shower

    I feel like I've written about this a million times, but here goes.... When I moved in my property 8 years ago, I had tha bathroom retiled and the bathroom wall replastered. It's an exterior brick wall in a victorian house. It then transpired the tiles were fixed directly to the plaster, with...
  7. DMA

    Door Paint defect?

    Hello, I painted a door and after the paint had dried some defects were showing. On some areas, it looks some bits of dust/dirt had possibly blown onto it, but other areas the dried paint had mini round indented ditches/spots. It was a while ago when I painted it, but from my memory, I think...