1. K

    Problem walls after removing bathroom tiles

    Currently renovating my bathroom, and while ripping the tiles out ( 2 layers of tiles) I noticed the internal walls are not the standard stud-work and plasterboard. They are very thin like a cardboard material down the middle so I have nothing to mechanically fix new plasterboard to. My initial...
  2. R

    Paramount wall soundproofing

    I have a paramount wall (a sandwich of plasterboard and cardboard honeycomb) between a bedroom and a bathroom. As part of the bathroom refurbishment I'd like to do something about noise transmission since a shower will be installed adjacent and existing noise levels from the bathroom are already...
  3. DaveFix

    Best technique to channel paramount partition (honeycomb plasterboard)?

    Hi all, I have pipework mounted on top of paramount partition board and want to hide this pipework inside the partition. I'm thinking of drilling access holes at each end, and feed through speedfit. What's the best technique for creating the channel internally between the two holes, cutting...
  4. P

    Textured coating found inside paramount partition (asbestos?)

    I am in the process of removing a partition wall which after some research appears to be a paramount partition. It has a cardboard egg box like structure between 2 sheets of plasterboard inside. On inspection, there seems to be a textured coating on the inside on the plasterboard sheets (see...