1. S

    Coping stones too wide?

    Hello, last year we had our roof redone and the size of the coping stones has been bothering us. A different builder as now commented on them too. Can you comment on whether the coping stones pictured are dangerously wide for the parapet and need to be replaced with narrower ones to avoid the...
  2. C

    Leak parapet or flashings

    Hi All, We bought a property and on moving in noticed a wet wall underneath a parapet (vendors painted over the issue). The leaking side has flashband over lead flashings which was done to in a poor attempt to solve the problem. There is also some cracks in the render. Pictures are attached...
  3. Jamhan

    Where would you source these coping stones from?

    We are missing some flat coping stones from the parapet wall, as seen in this picture: I've tried a few reclamation yards around us (East London), and none of them have them, nor seem like they would ever get them How would you replace these?
  4. H


    DAMP BELOW PARAPET ON FLAT ROOF Hi! Was hoping anyone on here could contribute helpful advice and diagnosis as my family are suffering and the situation is getting us all down. We have a damp problem on our front elevation wall (first floor) which sits below a parapet wall, - the parapet...
  5. J

    Parapet wall render issues

    Hi, Recently discovered mould on the south facing wall of my house close to the party wall. It was hidden behind a cupboard so we didn't notice it developing. I'm not sure if this is from condensation or a leak. Can't see any obvious places for water to get in on the back wall. There is...
  6. X

    Parapet leadwork above bay window

    Hi. Looking for some technical input - had a leadwork undertaken on an 1860s Victorian terraced bay window parapet roof. It comprises of a welded gully, flat roof section and flashings. I’ve a number of issues with the finish and would welcome experienced users comments on these pics. The...
  7. C

    New Flat Roof Extension - Parapet Copings

    Hi all, We are having a single story extension built. The house was originally built as one of a pair of similar properties in the late 70s. Our neighbours already have a single story extension with a flat roof and parapets. Due to this, we opted to go for the same style of extension to keep...
  8. P

    Need advice on leaking parapet wall.

    Property Type: 90's, Detached, Cavity wall Hi all, I'm looking advice on my leaking parapet walls. There was penetrating damp coming in to the bedroom on one side of the house (the same side as the pictures). After drilling a hole and taking a sample of the mineral wool insulation, it was...