part h

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    New Waste Pipe Connection

    Hi all, Looking to install a small washroom in the first floor of my house. There is a single bathroom on the ground floor of the property underneath the stair. Wondering how best to connect in to existing drainage. Conscious that Regs state max. 6m for toilet and 3/4m for basin/shower. Without...
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    Remove guttering inside conservatory?

    The previous owners had a conservatory fitted & did not change the guttering. I'm now left with a 70mm pipe that runs through the conservatory. My plan is to terminate it above the conservatory roof & install new flashing. Reading Building Regs Part H states I'm okay to make this change but...
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    Gradient limits on branch pipes ?

    Part H table 2 & diag 3. Gradient limits for unvented branch pipes. I understand the reason to put a maximum gradient on - to avoid unsealing traps. (eg washbaisin on 40mm can achieve maximum of 3M on 18mm/M) Is is correct to assume that if the pipe must turn completely vertical for part of a...