peugeot 206

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    Peugeot 206 CC, lights issue

    Hello forum. I have a - in my opinion - strange problem with the lights on my Peugeot 206 CC. First off, it's a 2001, 1.6 16V with a good history for service. It makes no fuzz, doesn't chew oil or weird sounds. All of a sudden, the rear lights, number plate lights, rear foglight and the front...
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    Peugeot 206 cranks but won't start

    Its funny really, the car runs smooth every other time but when the weather (external temperature) is warm it starts to act up! cranks with no ignition. I leave it alone for a while (temperature drops) and then walla! starts like noting happened. I think the bsi is not recognizing the key...
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    Peugeot 206 HDi 2.0 engine problem

    I was accerating onto the M25 when I had a sudden engine failure. The engine went from running very smoothly to rattling very loudly and losing power. When I reached the hard shoulder I realised the engine was still idling very quietly as usual. Attempting to pull away the loud rattle returned...
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    Peugeot 206 rear fog light always on.

    Hi, it is a 206 1.1 from 2005. Today, without having used the fog lights, I found the rear one to be jammed on, after making a short journey I also found the off side tail light to be jammed on. This happens even when the ignition is turned off, the car locked, etc, no matter what position the...