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    Concrete block pile foundation for shed - how to level?

    I am planning on building a couple of garden buildings, one 30sqm, and another smaller 'practice shed' that is around 9sqm. Both are on a hill, the smaller building on a steeper bit of land than the larger one (which is flat-ish mostly). Due to the location, materials have to be transported by...
  2. A

    Detached Garage Piers Loose

    I live in a new build property. I have a detached garage constructed. It has a single skin brick wall and poured concrete slab. Along the longest walls are piers constructed of block, two on each side. There is a joint of motar between the blocks and the brickwork, I can't see if there is...
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    Wooden lintel, replace with what?

    Evening all Wondering if I can pick your collective brains about lintels and loading etc. I’m intending to convert an old outbuilding/barn as a small workshop. The construction in solid 9” brick around 6m wide x 4.5m deep. At one end, and the middle of the building there are some 500mm...