1. SomethingSomething

    New CH system - hiding pipes?

    Hi All, Thank you for your time! FTB's - We're moving into a new property in 2-3 months time which currently has an old-style gas multipoint water heater and electric storage heaters, but no central heating. The property is a 1950-1960s end-of-terrace three bedroom, would there be any...
  2. P

    Running pipe INSIDE floorboard?

    I need to run central heating pipe horizontally under the floorboards of an upper floor. I need to go through only one 75mm wide beam, but I'm wary of boring or notching it, also because that would be quite close to the wall bearing the beam. So I thought of running an 8mm or 10mm pipe...
  3. P

    Run pipes behind boiler

    Hi, I have an old traditional gas boiler (two pipe, fully pumped system, if that matters) sitting on the floor and touching the wall, as from the first pic. The second pic zooms in on a hole the boiler has in the rear, leaving a gap with the wall. I am planning to run two 15mm copper pipes...
  4. M

    New wet room renovation,** duplicate 3 **

    In what order would you create a wet room? Renovation. I have stripped the old wet room back to brick. I just want your guys opinions on what order you would do things from materials used to completion. I will have concrete block benches, screed slope floor to the drain, and shower head mixer...
  5. L

    Big Refurb - Should I convert to sealed system

    Hi, About to embark on a refurb of the house including extension and wanted to get some views from you guys:- + Would you recommend moving to a sealed system (assuming budget is ok)? + If moving to a sealed system do i need to re-pipe the house? Is there a way to test the current pipes can...
  6. T

    Sizing of insulation for pipes in unheated floor voids

    Coming to the problem fresh, I imagined that there will be a 'sweet spot' for insulation sizing for each size of pipe and for each ΔT that reflects the law of diminishing returns. Has anyone already done calculations on heat losses that can validate or refute my approach to this? Using the...