1. E

    Vailant Turbomax Plus pressure fluctuation and ideal CH temperature

    Hi All, I recently moved to a new place. I am noticing a significant fluctuation in the pressure at operation (given my limited past experience) in the gas boiler and I just wanted to check whether that is ok for this model/seek some advice. Details -Vailant turbomax plus -small 2 floor...
  2. P

    vaillant eco tec plus 831 intermittent hot water problems

    Hi All, Just to say I am a end user not plumber. Have a problem with the hot water. It intermitantly runs tepid. About 3 months ago I had the Diverter valve changed as I had no hot water at all. Since then I have had tepid water intermittently. I happens mostley first thing in the morning. The...
  3. M

    intergas rapid control panel status, cold water tap on

    Wonder if you guys can tell me if this is right/wrong. I've recently had a 32kw rapid plus commissioned, all seems to be working well. But I've noticed that when the cold tap/toilet is used, the boiler status number changes and you can hear the boiler internals working... (pump/igniter?) The...
  4. T

    New PCB in older Vaillant ecoTEC plus 618 R1 not responding to request for heat

    Firstly, I'm not going to attempt to do any rewiring my self - but I do have a Gas Safe plumber on the job currently (waiting for an internal pipe that is leaking a bit), and I want to get informed on our situation so when he comes back we can get it sorted asap. I have a Y plan heating setup...
  5. Mark Tee

    Vaillant Turbomax Plus 824e - Error 5F6 (or SF6) ? Info needed please.

    Hello. I have a Turbomax Plus 824e boiler which has been limping along for some time. I am NOT GS registered but when it comes to things like replacing a screw in thermistor or topping up water pressure I am just about functional. I have no understanding or inclination to go inside the...