1. bettz1

    How to deal with a screw pop

    Hi we've a few of these around the house and I think there called screw pops? What's the best way to deal with these,as I'm wondering if I fill over them will they just come back again? Is it worth taking the screw out?
  2. eveares

    Little Pop or will hand get blow off if I plug this in?

    Going to do and film it remotely for safety, however how much danger would one be in by plugging the below contraption in to a socket? How dangerous? by eveares posted 15 Jan 2017 at 8:12 PM Regards: Elliott.
  3. eveares

    Z-Wave FGS-222 relay module - Popped and Tripped the MCB - Still works :/

    So replaced the two old ugly X10 appliance light switches in my bedroom and installed a new Fibaro FGS-222 Z-Wave enabled relay module inside a 47mm dry-line back box along with a standard double switch for local control. Pain in the *** to get it all in the back box and get the switch screwed...