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    New deck: grey coloured final finish, do we need to apply decking oil? What about Cut End Preserver?

    Hello all, DIY-ers here and tomorrow we are embarking in our first deck build project. Two questions that have been going through my head on the deck end finish and also protecting the cut timber ends. I understand that a great (the best?) way to protect a finished decking is to use decking...
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    Cuprinol wood preserver

    I have just used this product over previously treated wood. It’s going past the stated 16 hours drying time (weather has been warm). Although I’ve seen 1-5 days mentioned also for drying. The surface is now really sticky and...
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    Shed preserver - that isn't a horrible colour!

    Can anybody recommend a decent wood preserver for a new shed. The shed is made with treated wood, which is a nice natural light brown colour. I want to keep this colour as close as possible, but have now bought 3 (!) different tins of coloured preserver that look nice on the label, but in...
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    New log cabin - what to do about wet weather

    Hi I've just built a log cabin and it needs fire retardant and preservative but the weather is rubbish right now. Drizzling every 30 mins as it was put up and no doubt rained over night. From what I can tell all of the wood preservers have to go on dry wood and the fire retardant too but not...